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June prayer letter

30 June 2009

Dear praying friends,

It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to write my second prayer letter! This month has been full of many new reasons to thank the Lord. The very first week was the Gospel Fellowship Association Family Conference at the Wilds, and what a blessing that was! I was able to meet many other GFA missionaries and really began to feel a part of the family. It’s such a privilege to serve alongside so many who have faithfully served the Lord year in and year out in their places all around the world. While at the Conference I was also able to meet some other PNG deputees (even two who are headed for the same village I am!) as well as parents of current GFA-PNG missionaries who have been on the field for some time. I was really beginning to feel my ignorance of the place I’m planning to spend at least the next two years of my life, so I felt it was a sweet gift from the Lord to be able to meet these folks and hear so much about PNG.

The rest of June I have continued with my regular nanny and
housecleaning jobs, using my “off days” to work on my presentation. I’m so thankful for the many kind friends who shared their pictures and knowledge gleaned from their own time in PNG. A couple of people even loaned me some things to use for my display table. The weekend of June 28, I drove to my hometown of Powhatan, Virginia and was able to attend the 99th birthday party of “Grandma” Bess Arrington, a longtime family and personal friend who has had such a faithful testimony to me. Then on Sunday I shared my presentation with the “home folks” at Mount Moriah Baptist, the church where my mother was saved and where I grew up. I was absolutely overwhelmed by their supportiveness and excitement for me. I’m so blessed to have them “holding the ropes” as I go.

I can’t let another prayer letter go by without mentioning another great blessing the Lord has given me as I prepare to leave for the mission field. I’m privileged to live with Kay Washer, who served as a missionary to Niger and Togo, West Africa for nearly 50 years. Many of you may have read her recent book, One Candle to Burn—if not, I highly recommend it! I’ve been truly honored to spend time with her and profit from her wise advice, enthusiastic spirit, and continued zeal for the Lord’s work in Africa and around the world even though her health requires her to remain in the States.

GFA has asked that short-termers read the missionary biography Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret before departing for the field, and I have enjoyed it to the hilt. I especially identify with an excerpt from one of Hudson Taylor’s letters to his mother before leaving for China: “Pray much for me. It is easy to talk of leaving all for Christ, but when it comes to the proof—it is only as we stand ‘complete in Him’ we can go through with it.” Please do pray for me, that the Lord will continue His work in my heart, preparing me for whatever He has in store. I am realizing more and more how dependent I must be on Him for everything.

I’d appreciate your continued prayers that I’ll be able to depart for PNG sometime in August in order to be ready for the beginning of the school term in September. It would be nice to have a few weeks to work on Pidgin before school starts, but we’ll see what the Lord does. From what I hear, it will be somewhat of a miracle if my work permit and visa come by then. Please join me in prayer that the Lord will work in the government officials’ hearts and get me there in His perfect timing. I’m confident that He will, whenever that is! Already, in just a little over a month, He has provided more than quarter of my financial support! Many thanks to all of you who have had a part by praying and giving. It is my desire to honor your sacrifice by being the best missionary I can be.

Yours for His service,
Elizabeth Ellinghausen

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