September Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

Here I am, still in good old Powhatan, VA. Thank you so much for your prayers this month. I have been encouraged again and again by different ones of you writing, calling, or telling me in person that you are praying for me. I check with the embassy a couple of times a week, but my work permit has not yet been approved. The Lord has seen fit for me to be here for the time being, and I know His way is perfect. Please continue to pray for me to patiently wait on His timing. I was encouraged while reading in 2 Corinthians to think that, due to the number of people praying and the length of time that they’ve been asking the Lord to get my papers through, the Lord will get lots of praise when it finally happens!

On the right (in the attached PDF) you’ll see some pictures from my home. We live in the middle of a beautiful Wildlife Management Area that Daddy manages for hunters and fishermen. It’s over 4,000 acres of rolling fields and woods, and I’ve enjoyed doing some hiking and wildflower hunting during my time here.

Though I have all of my support, I’m still looking for opportunities to increase awareness of the needs in New Guinea, solicit prayer for myself, and perhaps be used of the Lord to influence people (especially young people) for missions. Last Sunday I thoroughly enjoyed being with the folks at Calvary Baptist in Midlothian, VA. They are a model of warmth and hospitality. I hope that I was able to encourage them half as much as they encouraged me.

The Lord has been doing great things in PNG. In my last letter I asked you to pray for the safe arrival of the container (bulldozer, loader, schoolbooks) in PNG and reasonable customs charges; for Mr. Berbin as he returned to PNG to oversee this; and for Matt Crain, who had serious health issues that required him to unexpectedly return to the States for medical care. The Lord certainly answered prayer! The container arrived in the port of Lae, PNG, on September 1, but was “lost” for 13 days, racking up potentially thousands of dollars of fees for sitting on the wharf so long. However, the Lord answered the prayers of His people and the container was found. Customs and duty charges were less than half of what was expected, and in Mr. Berbin’s own words, “I’ve never had an inspection so short and painless”-less than 8 minutes long! That was just the beginning, though. Through circumstances that only the Lord could arrange, Mr. Berbin “happened” at the last minute to find someone to haul the bulldozer and loader to the beginning of the bush road, a “hotbed of criminal activity.” They were delayed in leaving Goroka and arrived after dark. Another missionary waiting there for them heard some men talking about jumping into the truck, presumably to steal the bulldozer. The Lord thwarted their plans, however, because though no police patrol the roads after dark, a Highway Patrol vehicle came up just then and not only agreed to hang around for the unloading time but also followed the bulldozer and loader until they were clear of the most dangerous area. Long story short, the machines were safe in Aibai (GFA’s other station in PNG) on Thursday. Mr. Berbin was scheduled to leave PNG this past Sunday, and Matt and Rebekah Crain were to arrive back there on the same flight (apparently Matt’s health has cleared up). Now, friends, don’t you see that the Lord delights to give His children good gifts? Please pray for me to continually choose to believe this and see my own situation as such.

For the sake of His name,
Elizabeth Ellinghausen

Adventures with Ellie 090929.pdf


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