January prayer letter

Dear Praying Friends,

“As sometimes God is said to hear us in not hearing us, so we may say He should sometimes deny us if He did not delay us. It is (saith Chrysostom) like money, which lying long in the bank, comes home at last with a duck in its mouth, with use upon use; when money is out a great time, it makes a great return: we can stay thus upon men, and cannot we, shall not we, stay upon the Lord, and for the Lord, for a large return? God causeth us by delay to make the more prayers; and the more we pray, the longer we stay, the more comfort we shall have, and the more sure we are that we shall have it in the latter end. Distinguish between denying and delaying. . . . In God our Father are all dimensions of love, and that in an infinite degree; infinitely infinite: what if He defer us? so do we our children, albeit we mean no other but to give them their own asking, yet we love to see them wait, that so they may have from us the best things, when they are at the best, in the best time, and in the best manner: if a mother should forget her only boy, yet God hath an infinite memory, He nor can, nor will forget us; the expectation of the waiter shall not fail for ever, that is, never.” This quote was sent to me in response to last month’s letter by a good friend, and was such an encouragement that I just had to share it. I know it’s a bit long, but I think it’s well worth wading through—I hope you did!

This past month I enjoyed being home. We already had snow a couple of times, which is rare for this part of the state. The second time it was about a foot deep—even rarer still! I finally broke down and got my heavy winter coat, boots, etc. down from the attic where I had hoped to leave them for the next few years, and I thoroughly enjoyed going on long tramps through the woods in the snow with our dog, Cricket. Some other special things I have savored are family times around the fire with Daddy reading to us like old times, Christmas caroling with people from church, gathering greenery and making Christmas decorations, lots of time with young friends, cutting Daddy’s hair, preparing gifts with Mama, playing duets with Emily, watching William enjoy the auto repair book I gave him for Christmas, helping Daniel put his new windshield wipers on his car (even though I got sprayed in the process when he tried them out!), and quizzing Sarah on her EMT class material. As several people have reminded me, this time with my family is going to be a special memory as I’m gone for the next few years. I am truly thankful.

Though I didn’t have reason to contact most of you over the past month, there is some news from PNG, and it started happening right about the time I sent out my December letter. Mr. Smith (GFA missionary in Kiari, PNG) was finally able to get through to our agent in Port Moresby and found out that our papers had not yet even been submitted to the government. They promised to do so that day, December 4. Hopefully that means that, at long last, we should get our permits fairly soon, though potentially it could still be a while yet. Specifically, I am hoping and praying that things will go through in time for me to make the trip to PNG when some of the missionaries are planning to be in town for vacation during the last week of January or first week of February. That way nobody would have to make an extra trip to get me. Please join me in prayer that the Lord would have His way and work it out in His perfect timing.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and encouragement. I’m excited about that “large return,” aren’t you?

For the sake of His name,
Elizabeth Ellinghausen

Adventures with Ellie 100101.pdf


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