April prayer letter

30 April 2010

Dear Praying Friends,

Hasn’t this month flown? Or this year, for that matter? Believe it or not, this is volume one, issue twelve of Adventures with Ellie. I have to admit that I didn’t really feel like writing this month because, frankly, I feel like I’m writing the same story over for the twelfth time and you must all be bored to tears. I mean, really, Elizabeth (you must be saying), how can you call these Adventures??? Well, first of all, let me assure you that my day-to-day life has been far from boring. 🙂 From special trips and visits to design work for church, book/Bible repair, babysitting, basketmaking, tutoring, music, gardening, housekeeping, and more, some days have been almost frantically busy though very pleasant. And…maybe this whole thing really is an adventure! After all, I may be a buck private but I get to be in the army of the greatest Commander there is! I am an itty-bitty piece in a picture as big as the world. And, as such, I would be completely out of line to demand an explanation of "why" I have to do this particular assignment. No, sir! My job is to obey orders, and right now those orders are very obvious: wait. Unadventurous as waiting might seem, it’s still an important and necessary part in my great Commander’s strategy. Most likely someday I’ll understand "why" without having to ask, and I’ll be so glad if I did my part.

Earlier today I had a great conversation with Mary, the visa officer at the PNG embassy in Washington. It sounds like she talked to some of our missionaries in PNG and was able to get some information from them and pass it on to Immigrations herself. She is hoping for a response early next week. It is my great desire to be able to leave soon and help relieve the strain on the teacher and nurse (who’s also been helping at school) in Kiari. Please pray with me that the Lord would allow these approvals to come through very soon, if it’s His will.

The other day I was reading an old article written by my pastor, Dr. Mark Minnick, and I found this quote by the Puritan Richard Sibbes that just seems to fit my situation perfectly: "God is the cause why things are not, as well as why they are. Nothing so high, that is above His providence; nothing so low, that is beneath it; nothing so large, but is bounded by it; nothing so confused, but God can order it; nothing so bad, but He can draw good out of it; nothing so wisely plotted, but God can disappoint it." Need I say more? 🙂 If I can just think right I have a perfect peace about the whole thing. Unfortunately there are days that I don’t, but I do feel the Lord has grown me a lot and given me an underlying confidence, even on the bad days, that my wait will end in His time.

A big THANK YOU for sticking with me—especially to those of you who have persisted in bringing me and my visa situation faithfully before the Lord in concentrated prayer. My heart is so encouraged every time I learn of someone else who has taken on this special burden. I am so thankful to God for every one of you.

For the sake of His name—here and in PNG,
Elizabeth Ellinghausen

Adventures with Ellie 100430.pdf


One Response to “April prayer letter”

  1. Ruth Says:

    You are right waiting is as much of a growing useful time as is the service we want to give for the Lord. Thanks for keeping us posted I was just wondering this week how things were going. Don’t ever feel like it is the same ole boring.

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