A Full Week

We had an unusual number of church activities this week. Sunday we had our normal services and choir practice, Tuesday was an evangelistic fellowship in the BRS hauslain, Wednesday was baptism and prayer meeting, Friday we had family night at church, and Saturday morning was our regular church leadership prayer meeting. The big event was baptism. It was an all-day affair, so school was canceled. I helped Catherine count pills at clinic for a while and then rode down to church with the Smiths. When we got there the ladies were busy preparing vegetables for the mumu (underground barbecue), and the men were killing a second goat. They’d already killed one goat and a pig. I pitched in and helped peel kaukau and carrots (sweet potatoes and something shaped like a beet but colored like a carrot). Some people were cooking rocks in a fire, and when they were hot they put leaves on top, then all the food. The animals were on top, and someone poured on water to make lots of steam. Then everybody rushed to cover it all up with leaves and somebody shoveled dirt on top to hold it all down and make an oven. We sat around for a while after that, and then it was time to hike down to the Kerebo river for the baptism. Seven people gave their testimonies and were baptized. Then we hiked back up, up, up to the church and after a while it was time to rausim the mumu. By this time it was about 3:30, so everybody grabbed a potato to munch on while they worked/waited. All the food was piled on leaves and carried over to the church kitchen house, and people inside divided it up for everyone. Our plates had rice on the bottom, then magi (ramen noodles), meat, taro, and tapiok. Yummy, yummy! ☺

I believe I mentioned last week that we hadn’t had a mission team report yet. Well, in the afternoon service brother Sailas (Silas) gave that report. Apparently it was a difficult trip. Another mission (Seventh Day Adventist?) has a strong hold on the people in that area, and many of them refused to let our team hold meetings. However, a few places they were able to hold meetings. It was encouraging to see how despite the disappointments of the trip, the team came back anxious to go out again and bear the good news of the Gospel, even in the face of persecution. Praise the Lord!! Please pray that we will be able to send out 2-3 more teams before the end of the year, and also pray for those who heard the gospel (both on the mission trip and at the baptism) to remember what they heard. May the Lord give them no rest until they find their rest in Him.

Thanks so much for praying! Hope you have a great week.


“O use me, Lord, use even me, Just as Thou wilt, and when, and where….” -Frances Ridley Havergal