Another full week

This week we finished school! Tomorrow all of the kids are coming to clean the school and practice their program one last time, and on Tuesday we’re having the end-of-the-year program and mumu. The students will sing and say their verses, and someone will preach. Awards will be given for different subjects, Christian leadership, etc. Please pray that the Lord would clearly use this program to lift up His name among our school families. Several parents/family members are unsaved.

I stayed busy making a couple of big meals for the missionary lain since all of the ladies were gone. The two youngest Smith girls helped me and we had fun. ☺ They also spent the night every night, so I enjoyed the company.

We have decided to have only two grades in school next year. Now the hard part—REALLY hard part—is deciding which grade to cut and telling them. Please pray for us. We’re really in need of the Lord’s direction. I will probably be going to Aibai (another GFA mission station) to observe their school and learn from their experienced teachers either this week or in a couple of weeks.

One big praise this week was rain!! Last night it poured, and we set out all kinds of containers to collect all the water we could. I don’t know how the rain tanks are, but I’m sure they’re way better than they were! For a while now we’d been down to about a foot in the bottom of the tanks, and it tasted earthy. We’ve been praying for this rain, so praise the Lord with us for His gracious provision!

Hope you have a great week!


“O use me, Lord, use even me, Just as Thou wilt, and when, and where….” -Frances Ridley Havergal

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