School preparations

The last week has been busy as I’ve worked on sorting and inventorying all of our school stuff. I’m on the last box of textbooks, and this coming week I’m planning to tackle school supplies!

Please be praying that our book order will come quickly. I’d really like to start in October, but in order for that to happen our books need to arrive by the 27th when Jeff comes back from his vacation. After that nobody will be in town to get our mail until the Smiths go out to pick up Karen Hall at the very end of October. Our boxes were mailed last Monday, and things have come in 2 weeks before, so it’s not impossible though it will definitely be a stretch from the way the mail usually runs in PNG.

Also, we haven’t told the students and parents yet, but we’ll be having 2nd and 5th grades this year. The would-be 3rd graders will have to wait a year for the younger grade to catch up to them, though they will have the option of coming this year just for combined Bible and History classes. Please pray that they and their parents will respond graciously to this news.

Thank you for your prayers for Catherine. She reached the States safely and is waiting for an opening with the specialty doctor who treats her disease. This could potentially be weeks away– please pray that she will be able to see him soon.

Also please pray for rain! Many people’s gardens are drying up to the point that they’re going hungry, and our own rain tanks are low to the point that the Smiths have stopped doing laundry at their house (thankfully they can bring some things down for me to do for them).

Hope you have a great week!


“O use me, Lord, use even me, Just as Thou wilt, and when, and where….” -Frances Ridley Havergal