Rolls without an oven, fighting between two hauslains, and a mission trip

The past week has been relatively normal. Last Saturday after I finally got my last post to send, I went over to the house of Julie, one of the ladies from church. Her husband, Benson, was actually the first person from Kiari to get saved, and if I remember correctly it was because of his influence that our mission station was founded in Kiari about 10 years ago. Julie had invited me to come watch her make “buns” (rolls). People here don’t have kitchens like we think of: no counters, refrigerators, ovens or stoves, just a fire pit in the middle of the house, so I was excited to see how she did it. She sat on the floor the whole time, taking pieces from a big pot of already-risen dough and putting them down into another big pot. When all the rolls were down, she put on the flat lid and put the pot over the fire with more fire piled on top. As soon as she heard sizzling, she pulled the fire underneath down to just coals. The fire on top kept going strong. From time to time she lifted the lid to watch how the rolls were doing, and when they were brown she took them out. They were yummy as they could be– just like Mama’s, only with a hint of ginger.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned helping with choir in Catherine’s absence. Don’t worry, I don’t get up in church and lead music or anything, I just teach the choir their songs. They have their voices only– no instruments. We’ve recently started on “Jisas Em i Pren b’long Sinman”– “Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners”. Last Sunday I taught them the harmony for the first line. It’s really going to be beautiful– I wish you could hear it!

During the week I’ve been working on more school preparations. Just when I think I’ve got everything ready, I remember with a jolt something else really important! Please do continue to pray that the Lord would give real wisdom beyond my experience as I prepare for this school year. Only two weeks ’til we start!!!

Today Susan, my language helper, came for a lesson. She’s a dear lady who I’ve wanted to tell you about for a while, and today is the day. I even have a picture, taken just this afternoon (at least it’s hopefully attached!). Susan had planned to come on Wednesday, but her hauslain (group of houses) is in a fight with another one. It all started over a card game, and words turned to spears, unfortunately. Literal spears, that is. :S Susan explained to me that when the men are fighting, the women aren’t involved directly but they need to stay close by and keep an eye on things so that if the enemy decides to burn houses down, the women can run home quick and grab everything and run away. Thankfully only one man has been hurt (speared in the side), but as of this afternoon the magistrates were still trying to settle on appropriate compensation to end the fight. Please pray that the Lord would work in hearts through this. Apparently Susan had an opportunity to share with an unsaved girl her faith that the happenings of each day are in the hand of the Lord. Pray that this girl would come to Christ.

And finally, please be in prayer this coming Tuesday and Wednesday as a team from church goes on a mission trip to the village of Yowai. It’s apparently about a three hour hike away. I’m planning to go, Lord willing. We’ll hike over on Tuesday, hold an adult preaching service and children’s Bible club, spend the night, and come back on Wednesday (hopefully getting a chance to “outim tok bilong God”– share God’s Word– again in the morning before we leave. It will be my first time to do something like this here, and I’m really excited. Please pray that the Lord would be preparing hearts and that He would show Himself strong throughout the whole thing.

Hope you have a great week!