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First week and a half down!

20 November 2010

I can’t believe we’re already a week and a half into school!! It’s flown by and been crazy and wonderful. I actually told a little about it in my post last Saturday (adding to the bottom of the Wednesday post that didn’t send until then), but for some reason it didn’t go through. So I’ll copy and paste a little of that and add some more from this week…

School has been going well… definitely lots of work and exhausting at first as I scrambled to catch up with myself, but now I feel like I’ve finally gotten myself on course. At first our school days were going until 4:30 or 5:00 in the afternoon, but students and teacher have gotten more used to things and the last couple of days we’ve gotten out around 3:30– yay! I’m so thankful for someone’s suggestion to have the students trade papers and help me with grading and recording… at first it didn’t save too much time because the students were still learning how to grade, but they’ve gotten much quicker and it saves me loads of time. Doing all the grading for 58 classes a week would probably finish me off. 🙂

One key discovery has been that the students just love school… they come 30-45 minutes early and don’t want to leave in the afternoon! I’ve had to “crack the whip” a bit to make sure they do seatwork before art projects, library time, etc. so that we can get out at a reasonable hour, but really I can’t complain at all about discipline problems… I’ve only had to give one demerit! I can only imagine the contrast between JCS and what those of you who are teachers in the US have to deal with! And I really am thrilled that my students love to be here, because in the hauslains they’re around all kinds of wickedness but here once their school is done they’re reading good books, listening to Christian music on their little crank/solar tape player, and just generally benefiting from an innocent, God-honoring environment.

Need I ask you keep praying hard for me? And not just for the work with academics… really that part isn’t bad at all, in spite of my dramatic rendering :-)… but I especially need you to pray that the Lord would help me to minister to my students’ spiritual needs. Pray for my fifth graders Agnes and Lynn to be strong… so many of the youth are falling like flies right now and we’re just begging the Lord that they won’t join them. They’re such sweethearts and I’m so proud of their hard work in school to “catch up” to their proper grade level as teenagers. And pray for Dave and Samuel, who are in 2nd grade and as far as I know haven’t yet accepted Christ as their Savior. Just today in Bible class we talked about the sixth day of creation and how people are different from animals because we’re made in God’s image and each have a soul that will live somewhere forever, and I really dwelt on what hell will be like. Pray they’ll remember and consider well and turn to the Lord.

I know this is getting long but thought you might enjoy a funny story… I’m having each student give a little speech every week to help with their English and speaking skills, and since we’ve been studying family trees in History class I asked them to find out a story from their family history to share with us. This has been greatly enjoyed by all. 🙂 Last Thursday Agnes told about her great-grandfather, who was a feared warrior and often fought against the village of Waiseme. One day he gathered all young men of Kiari and they all went over there. The people were afraid of him, so when he ordered them to bring out their daughters in front of their houses, everybody did, and when he told the Kiari boys to pick wives for themselves, nobody stopped them! The girl he picked for himself is Agnes’ great-grandmother. 🙂

Have a lovely weekend and ladies, be glad you didn’t grow up in Waiseme a hundred years ago! 🙂



First day of school

13 November 2010

Just wanted to make a quick post to tell you all that we just finished our first day of school! It went pretty well and I was pleased. Our books arrived just yesterday, so it was a tight squeeze but we made it. 🙂 I’m just glad to finally be started.

Also, I can’t neglect to mention the arrival of our new teammate Karen Hall last Thursday night. What a blessing it is to have her… I’m especially enjoying having a housemate again! Please pray for her as she tackles the tok ples (village language), which is quite difficult.

Hope you have a great rest of the week!