School Christmas party

I forgot to write this earlier, but my email went quick today so I thought I’d sit down and dash off a quick post to tell you about our school Christmas party yesterday. It was HILARIOUS– I hope the students had as much fun as their teacher did! We had Bible and a History test in the morning, but after that was our party. We played Cat in the Hat and then had a white elephant gift exchange. Guess what the first– and funniest by far– present was? A chicken!!! Not a toy chicken or even a dead chicken to eat, but a real live Henny Penny! After that we played Stick-the-star-on-the-Christmas-tree and then the kids went outside and played Capture the Flag while I popped popcorn and got the drinks and cookies ready. At the very end I gave them each a little goodie bag, and one student gave me a PNG necklace and bracelet. That was sweet.

In the afternoon I had my first Christmas break treat– rounding with Karen to one of the further hauslains, Kensa. We tried a shortcut I’ve been dying to do since I heard of it– going over the mountain behind our house instead of going around on the road. That was fun– it was a little slick because of all the rain lately and definitely steep but I still liked it. 🙂 The view from Kensa is amazing– I had never realized that right below the church (where I’m standing right now to do email) is just cliffs. Wow. The other day I dropped my bilum and it got caught on a bush not too far down, but if it had gone too much further there would have been no return! We chatted for just a little bit with some Kensa folks and then headed home. I’m really looking forward to more of the same now that I don’t have school and I do have a buddy (Karen) to round with!

Please continue to pray for us. Especially during the Christmas season, as it is in the States, we have lots of outreaches planned. Pray that folks would not only come (lots usually do) but would really be open to the Word and receive it.

Have a great week!


“O use me, Lord, use even me, Just as Thou wilt, and when, and where….” -Frances Ridley Havergal

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