Term 1 Complete!!!

Today was the very last day of Term 1, and it’s hard to believe that we’re a quarter of the way through the school year! The last couple of weeks have gone well. The Benson family finally returned from town and are completely caught up now except for two weeks of Spelling which Agnes and Lynn will do with Dave over break. Thank you for praying for them.

I got tickled over an English assignment in second grade this week. The students were supposed to be writing instructions for an activity of their choice. Raphael chose eating bananas, complete with chopping them off the tree, wrapping them in leaves and leaving them in a dry place to ripen, and ending with “take a bite– and it will be yumy yumy!” Samuel chose killing birds (and instructed his readers that they would need a slingshot and would have to gather stones first, then start “strolling” in the bush– you can tell he used his thesaurus!– then look for the birds, being careful not to talk to other “persons” because we must be quiet when we’re hunting, then “amble” home and eat lunch! He never actually got around to killing any birds… I wonder if that’s a typical hunt for you! 🙂 Dave told how to make a garden, all the way from cutting down a tree and chopping it up to make the fence and clearing the brush with a bushknife! The one that really caught me off guard for some reason, though, was Rachel’s. She told how to wash dishes: First gather the dirty dishes, then put them in a bilum, then walk to the river and wash the dishes, and finally come back home!

I’d appreciate your prayers for the Smiths, Karen, and me as we make a supply run during the school break. It will be my first time to any semblance of a town since I arrived last June! We’ll be flying out to Goroka by chopper next Wednesday– the chopper is another first for me!– and will return the following Wednesday, Lord willing. Please pray for safety as we fly and then as we stay in Goroka– not exactly the safest place in the world! Honestly I would just as soon stay in Kiari, but I am excited about being able to use the Internet to take care of some business and maybe even communicate with my family via webcam. It will be super special to see their faces again!

I was happy to finally get my email working again last week. Unfortunately I didn’t get most of the emails for the first two weeks of the year, but I should be able to get them from online once I get to town. I’m sorry if you sent something for which you were expecting a reply– I’ll try to catch up as soon as possible!

In choir we are learning a song that is almost a direct quotation of the Pidgin text of Psalm 103:1-4. It’s been a huge blessing to reflect on the Lord’s goodness to me. Sometimes I feel like I’ll just burst with joy from the sweet, sweet gifts He’s given! “Bless the LORD, O my soul, and ALL that is within me, bless His holy name!” May you too rejoice over His good hand in your life this week.


“O use me, Lord, use even me, Just as Thou wilt, and when, and where….” -Frances Ridley Havergal

Due to my limited connection in Kiari, I have to limit the file size of incoming messages. Plain text—even a long letter—will come through just fine, but I may not be able to receive an email with pictures or attachments. Thank you for your help with this! ☺