Keep on praying

I have been thinking that I needed to write another blog post but was shocked to look back in my email and find that the last one was almost a month ago! Time is sure flying by– which I’m most thankful for as I eagerly anticipate Jeff’s and my wedding in only 45 days! 🙂

The main thing that I am burdened to ask you to pray about is the Lord’s work in the hearts of my students. Last week in Bible class my four second graders answered the question “Have you trusted Jesus as your Savior? If so, tell the story; if not, tell why not.” I was really surprised and sobered at the responses. I had expected that the unsaved students would either lie or try to smooth over their need for salvation, but they didn’t. Two answered the question, “NO!!!!!” with all caps and exclamation points. One’s explanation was that he didn’t understand how to be saved, which is either not true or else the Lord has closed his mind, because he explains it quite well and actually says he wants to be a preacher when he grows up. Please especially pray for this student– he’s been really bighead (rebellious) at home lately and his parents are very burdened for him. The second student (who I think copied the first one on the big NO) said that he didn’t believe the Bible and sometimes he was afraid at night in his bed. Pray for the Lord to convict him of his sin (including several instances of cheating) and open his heart to trust Jesus as his Savior. A third student said he wasn’t saved because he was confused about not having the action– meaning, I think, spiritual fruit, because I think he’s made professions a couple of times but his parents have told him that when he’s really saved his life will change. Please ask the Lord to open this student’s understanding and help him to be genuinely saved. PRAY that the Lord would do the work in the hearts of these three students that only He can do! Praise the Lord for a good testimony of salvation from the fourth student. Pray that she’ll stand strong and continue to grow in Christ. She seems to really listen and be watching me, so please pray for me, too, that I would be a godly influence and testimony.

There have been several funny things lately that I’ve thought I should tell about, but for the moment the only one I can remember is Samuel writing a vocabulary sentence for the word “gallantly” that said Dave thought he got water (a typical chore for kids here– go to the stream and get water) the most gallantly of the whole world. 🙂 Oh, and I just thought of something else– recently the second graders had to write something about waiter at a restaurant, and they asked me what a restaurant was! And of course they didn’t know what a waiter was either. 🙂 I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising since there definitely are no restaurants anywhere near Kiari, but sometimes questions like that just kind of give me a little shock back to Kiari reality. 🙂 Obviously I don’t miss them since this is the first time in a whole year here that I’ve had that thought! Another funny vocab sentence was for “perilous”. A student who knew he and another student had to meet with the headmaster after school wrote, “Know [now/today] is a perilous day for ___ and ___,” (putting their names in the blanks). Bless his heart!

Well, I’m about to head out and send this before our church prayer meeting this afternoon. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Elizabeth E.

“O use me, Lord, use even me, Just as Thou wilt, and when, and where….” -Frances Ridley Havergal