Kiari at last

Praise the Lord, we made it safely out to Kiari on the chopper on Monday. It is SO GOOD to be home. Well, almost home– we’re hopefully going to be able to move down to our house in a few days. Right now there’s just loads of cleaning and unpacking and catching up to do first, and we’re staying with the Ellisons to help orient them a little at the same time.

Several people have died lately in Kiari. Death is a big deal here. They have what they call a “haus krai” (house of crying– referring more to the event, which can last weeks, rather than the actual house where it takes place). Right now there are five of them going on. As our coworker says, death is very real here, with no sugar coating. People cry loudly and go around with mud or ashes on their faces. It’s pretty heartbreaking– especially when you think about the hopelessness of all these people without Christ. PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY that the Lord would do a work here in Kiari. Today we went to the funeral of a former church member who had fallen away and been church disciplined. Sailas, one of our church leaders, preached the gospel very clearly and I could see conviction on some faces. Pray that they will not brush this off but will turn to the Lord.

Well, time to head to church. Thank you for all of your prayers.