Home at last :-)

Just wanted to post quickly and let you all know that yes, we’re still alive 🙂 though very busy, as you could probably tell from the lack of communication. :S We moved on Monday and I have been keeping busy unpacking and sorting and generally getting things settled. Jeff got our shower operational (yay!) and started planing lumber for cabinets on Thursday. The wood is very hard– some visitors once told us that it’s Mahogany! We’ve had to hike up the mountain to the mission station every day for some reason or other– about a 45 minute walk including about 500 feet of elevation change. It’s somewhat tiring now (at least for me), but just imagine what great shape I’ll be in once I get used to it! 🙂

Please pray as we settle not only into our new house and life together but also many new ministry responsibilities. I’ve enjoyed working on the children’s Sunday School materials for the next six weeks, and Jeff has many new responsibilities as well since he is now the senior missionary. Please pray for special wisdom for our whole team. We’re also looking ahead to the new school year. Lord willing the books will have arrived by mid-October when Jeff goes to town and checks our mail, so our target date for starting is October 19th. (Please make that a matter of prayer– if the books haven’t arrived by then, our next chance to get them isn’t until December.) I’m so excited that Mr. and Mrs. Ellison will be helping– Mr. Ellison teaching Bible and Mrs. Ellison (who has over 30 years of experience as a teacher!) teaching History and Reading. They are such a huge encouragement and steady support for the rest of us young whippersnappers to hang onto 🙂 and have adapted amazingly well to life here in Kiari. You should see Mrs. E. going over those bush fences! 🙂

Thank you again so much for your prayers. I’m convinced that they’re the most important part of our ministry here.