Airstrip inspection

Just wanted to thank you all for praying for the airstrip inspection and share the outcome. The inspectors want a little more work to be done before it is opened. The ridge the airstrip is built on has a curve in it, so since the airstrip takes up the whole thing, it too has a curve. The men felt it was too dangerous for a pilot who didn’t know the strip to try to land on and didn’t want the liability (for themselves or us) of opening it as it is. However, they offered an alternative of shortening the landing space and turning it at a slight angle so it can be straight. This will require a couple of days work on the dozer, which is unfortunately tied up indefinitely at the other GFA mission station here in PNG. So… again we wait. But waiting is good. The Lord has a good reason for letting it be this way and we are content though of course a bit disappointed. Thanks again for your prayers.

Elizabeth Owens

“God is the cause why things are not, as well as why they are. Nothing so high, that it is above His providence; nothing so low, that is beneath it; nothing so large, but is bounded by it; nothing so confused, but God can order it; nothing so bad, but He can draw good out of it; nothing so wisely plotted, but God can disappoint it.” -Richard Sibbs