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Many things to thank God for…

26 November 2011

I knew I was well overdue to write a new blog post, but was horrified to look back at the last one and realize it was over a month ago! Please forgive my lack of communication… and thank you for praying anyway!

A major praise that I found out about this morning is that about a month ago, my student Samuel made a profession of faith!!! His mother told me at prayer meeting. She has been praying for this for a couple of years now; I have been praying at least a year, and I think many of you have too! Samuel’s mom said that his “pasin”… ummmm… way of life/ fashion of living… has changed. Please pray that time would prove this a genuine decision and that Samuel would grow in the Lord and even be used to lead some of his friends to Christ!

In the last post I told about the airstrip inspection and the need for a little more work to be done before a plane could land. Our mission dozer is still tied up at the other station, so two Fridays ago the community started doing the work by hand with picks, shovels, and wheelbarrows. They have the work about half done!!! Enthusiasm wanes, however, due to the hot sun and hard work, so pray that they’ll continue to work hard and the job will be finished in the next couple of weeks.

School is going very well. The students are so eager to learn and do very well. Their diligence would thrill any American schoolteacher… and it does thrill Mrs. Ellison! We have to shoo them out the door at the end of the day. They have worked hard and we are over a quarter of the way through their books for this year. Please continue to pray that the Lord would send more teachers. It’s a huge need even now, but will become even more so once Mrs. Ellison leaves. Even now with her help I feel many times that it’s more than I can handle. However, my desperation is pointless because I can’t call anyone to PNG! But God can… please pray that He will!

Please pray for strength and wisdom for both Jeff and me. If my plate is full his is overflowing! He is overseeing the airstrip work, various maintenance projects around the mission station, and the church. He is also still working on our house and needs to begin milling timber soon for our coworker’s house. On top of all of these he is preaching 2-4 times a week, and it takes longer to prepare sermons in your second language! I think if I had all these weights I would absolutely go crazy, but Jeff never ceases to be thoughtful of ME in the midst of it all! I am most blessed.

There is so much more that I would love to share but time is short and I’ll end for now. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Elizabeth Owens