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Another wait

29 March 2012

Thank you all so much for your prayers yesterday. We all went to the airstrip and the men straightened the small washouts from recent rains. There were a few hundred people waiting in the “grandstand”– a bank next to the airstrip fence which they cleared of brush. However, the Lord’s answer was again, “Wait”, as evidenced by a gusty tail wind all day long and foggy skies/low visibility that came and went.

The pilot said he would try again today, but now as I write at 6:30 am it is once again a gray, rainy world outside. Please pray that if the Lord’s will is today, the weather will clear and the wind will reverse or calm by noon (the projected time set by the pilot). If not… pray for patience to keep waiting until it’s the Lord’s perfect time for this strip to be opened! Surely that will come… as I told Jeff this morning, there HAS to be a clear day sometime, and eventually we’ll even have a clear day when the pilot is available to come! 🙂

Thanks again for your prayers…

Elizabeth Owens


Airstrip opening!!!!!

27 March 2012

This afternoon we got word from the pilot who will land the first plane to open our airstrip that he’ll come TOMORROW AFTERNOON, if the weather’s good and the wind is right (from the East). Please pray that it will work out if it’s God’s will!

Tomorrow afternoon our time would be the middle of Tuesday night in America (we’re 14 hours ahead of Eastern Time).

Jeff thought when he came in September 2009 that this project would just take a couple of months. Hopefully now, after two and a half YEARS, it will finally be complete!

Thanks for your part, as you pray.

Elizabeth Owens

Keeping on…

23 March 2012

Please forgive my long silence. I have been sick for some time; also Jeff and I were in town for a week doing a supply run, and right after we got back both of our computers crashed! Thankfully we were able to recover one of them and transfer most of the files we need from recent backups, so we’re email accessible again, for those who had heard that we were down. And, with regard to my sickness, I think I am finally starting to get better! It seems to have been mainly some kind of parasites, because after taking a strong medicine for that a couple of days ago I feel SO much stronger, which is such a huge blessing. Praise the Lord!!!

Things continue about the same here in Kiari. Please pray fervently for our church leaders. Frankly, right now I would say that only maybe one of the four of them has any business at all standing up in the pulpit. Please, please pray for wisdom for Jeff as he deals with them. They are increasingly obviously power-hungry and antagonistic towards us missionaries, though thankfully they seem to be better some days than others. Again, I really beg you to take this before the Lord in fervent prayer, right now as you read this and later too, as often as He brings it to mind. Heart-work is work that only God can do, and as you pray for us you are able to do about as much for this situation as we can at this point. I can’t help but think of Paul’s comment in 2 Corinthians 1 as he asked the Corinthians to pray for him– so that when God answered there would be many people to thank Him for His answer! We look forward to sharing that same sweet thanksgiving with you one of these days. 🙂

We are only 3 weeks from the end of school. I am NOT looking forward to telling the kids we won’t be able to start a new school year until we have more teachers. Please pray for grace and wisdom for that, and for a good response from students and parents. Or better yet, at least from my own perspective, pray that we’ll get some word of a new teacher coming and get to make a happy announcement instead of a sad one!!!

The very most exciting news that I have to share with you is that our airstrip is FINISHED and ready for a plane to come and land to open it!!! And tomorrow the two potential pilots will talk and let us know who’s coming and what day!! Please pray for the Lord to be glorified in the opening of this strip, and also in its future use. I’m particularly praying that He will restrain the people from using it to bring in harmful things that would be a detriment rather than a blessing.

Well, I need to get started on supper before it starts getting dark (which is about 6 pm year-round in PNG). Without electricity it’s WAY nicer to cook when you have daylight and can actually see what you’re doing! We’re having leftover chicken and broccoli over rice, homemade bread, and loads of fresh produce from right here in Kiari: pumpkin, beans, and tomatoes to start with, cabbage if I can think of a way to fit it in :-), and pineapple for dessert. Yum!

THANK YOU for praying for us.

Elizabeth Owens