Another wait

Thank you all so much for your prayers yesterday. We all went to the airstrip and the men straightened the small washouts from recent rains. There were a few hundred people waiting in the “grandstand”– a bank next to the airstrip fence which they cleared of brush. However, the Lord’s answer was again, “Wait”, as evidenced by a gusty tail wind all day long and foggy skies/low visibility that came and went.

The pilot said he would try again today, but now as I write at 6:30 am it is once again a gray, rainy world outside. Please pray that if the Lord’s will is today, the weather will clear and the wind will reverse or calm by noon (the projected time set by the pilot). If not… pray for patience to keep waiting until it’s the Lord’s perfect time for this strip to be opened! Surely that will come… as I told Jeff this morning, there HAS to be a clear day sometime, and eventually we’ll even have a clear day when the pilot is available to come! 🙂

Thanks again for your prayers…

Elizabeth Owens