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End-of-school mumu

13 April 2012

I just realized that it’s been a couple of weeks since I last sent an update, so here’s a quick one to catch you up on what’s happening and give you some things to pray about.

Our airstrip is still not open because either the pilot has been busy with other flights or the weather hasn’t cooperated. We’ve had some beautiful days but the wind is always from the opposite direction (rainy season wind) and would blow the plane right into the mountain face at the end of the airstrip. What we need is either minimal wind or dry season wind (from the opposite direction– coming over the mountain and thus helping slow the plane down as it lands). Please pray for that to work out in the Lord’s time.

Our school year ended on Wednesday, and today we are having the end-of-school program and mumu (cooking underground on hot stones). Today is also the day that Jeff will announce the sad news that we won’t be able to begin another school year until more teachers come. Please pray that the Lord would comfort the students and parents and help them to respond in a godly way, trusting the Lord to provide this need.

Next week Jeff and I are going to town to get supplies and have a little break. Pray for safety as we chopper out and back and round in town. Pray for the Ellisons as they go to the village of Aibai for two months to replace a missionary couple as they return to the States for their sons’ graduations. Pray for Karen as she holds the fort here until we return in a week and a half.

The church situation continues about the same. The preacher boys can be very friendly and kind at times, but then some ideas and attitudes crop up that are concerning to say the least. Pray for great wisdom particularly for Jeff as he deals with them.

THANK YOU so much for praying!!

Elizabeth Owens