He’s home safe!

Quick update to my earlier prayer request: Jeff made it safely across the graun bruk and got home a few minutes ago. Thanks to all who prayed for his safety. He said that one of the older men (a real woodsman type of guy) pointed out another crack to him. It looks like that whole corner of the mountain is likely to go down. Apparently a spring down below is already starting to crumble away. Praise the Lord for His goodness in taking my Jeff safely across and for the blessing of having the car and all the stuff, even the majority of our luggage for when we leave next week, all safely up to the mission station.

Jeff said that around 40 guys showed up to help clear away the graun bruk. This was a huge blessing-the last several times he’s had little or no help.

Thanks for your continued prayers as we wrap things up over the next few days!

Elizabeth Owens