Last days before furlough

Dear praying friends,

I just wanted to write quickly with a special prayer request and also to ask your prayers for our last few days in Kiari before we leave for furlough and the birth of our baby. Lord willing we will be getting on the chopper in only 10 days-Wednesday, Feb. 27th. Much remains to be done-Jeff will be preaching 3 more times and I will be teaching Sunday School once more; Jeff has made grates that still need to be installed over our windows; we need to finish packing up our house and getting all of our belongings in order; and most time-consuming of all are the goodbyes-people constantly coming to our gate to give or sell us souveneirs and food but really most of all just to “story”. Please pray that the Lord will help us to maintain a balance and right priorities through these last days, and that He will help us to be looking for and take advantage of opportunities to share the gospel with our many unsaved friends here in Kensa.

The special prayer request is one you can pray for right this minute. We have saved up a large load of things to take up to the mission station at the last minute in order to impress on folks’ minds that there’s nothing left in our house to make it worth breaking in while we’re gone. J However, this past week there was a decent-sized “graun bruk” (landslide) that covered part of the road between here and the mission station. Clearing the graun bruk is a lot of work, but when he went to check it out Jeff also noticed that just beyond it there are large cracks along 20-25 feet of the road right up next to the mountain wall, a telltale sign that the whole road is about to go down in that spot. Yesterday our coworker Karen also told me that when she walked by that place in the rain, all the water was pouring down into a big hole and disappearing (evidently running under the road). Today Jeff has gone to hopefully clear the graun bruk and get the carload of stuff, plus our luggage, up to the station before the road goes down. Would you please join us in praying for wisdom for him, and even that if the road is already too weak to hold the car, the Lord will just have it go on down before Jeff tries to drive across, and preferably even before he and many other men go through all the work to clear the graun bruk? We would obviously like to get the car and its load up to the station; if the road went out first it would be a good bit of work to carry everything even just from that point, and then the car would have to be left for at least a couple of weeks in a rather insecure location; but I feel so strongly and think you would agree that Jeff’s life and health-any driver’s, for that matter-is infinitely more important and valuable than that car (especially if you know anything about the poor old car I’m talking about!) and any amount of extra work that might be involved.

As I lay awake last night worrying about the whole thing I had to counsel myself-“I believe that God is good. He is infinitely wise and powerful and loving. I believe that His plan for my life is the very best and most loving that could be. I believe that He hears my prayers and that He will providentially have people read the blog post I am going to send out-even on a Sunday night-and that He will prompt some to actually pray about this and will hear those prayers too. I believe that He will even sometimes change His mind about what will happen based on His children’s prayers, but regardless of His answer, I believe whatever happens will be His good and perfect will.” Then I had to ask myself, “Do I REALLY believe that?” My heart’s immediate response was a confident “Yes”, but remembering the Bible’s teaching on the deceitfulness of our hearts (even as believers) I had to change it to a more realistic, “I believe; help Thou mine unbelief” (because is not my worry the very surest sign of unbelief?). So. you can pray for me too, that I will trust the Lord as I work today and listen for the car coming back either to stay or to get the load of stuff!

And as I finished that paragraph, sure enough there came the car. Jeff had only been gone a couple of hours but said there was a whole army of guys digging and they would probably be done clearing the graun bruk by the time he got back with the stuff. So, he loaded everything up and is at this moment tying down the load and getting ready to go. So right now, please pray that he’ll make it safely across!!! I’ll hopefully let you know in a couple of hours that he did! But. whatever happens, remember (and remind me). God is good!

Elizabeth Owens