Please pray

Once again I have an urgent prayer request for you all. This afternoon the former church leader who has caused us so much trouble over the past year and a half came to talk to Jeff. He started making a lot of accusations and telling lies, but when Jeff went and got our voice recorder he got angry and refused to talk. They sat for a long time and finally when it was pretty much dark (around 6:30 or 7 pm) Jeff left him to go and see some people who had come to our gate. (On his way up he stuck his head in the house where I was and asked me to lock the door.) When he got back the man had come up onto the porch. Jeff asked him if he had anything to say, and he said he did but he wanted Jeff to turn off the voice recorder first. When Jeff wouldn’t he got mad and struck Jeff, trying to get the voice recorder out of his hand. He grabbed Jeff and hit him at least twice-Jeff had to wrestle out of his grip. Jeff told him he needed to leave and went and got our dog. The dog wiggled out of Jeff’s grip and chased the man a little, which made him really mad. He got a big stick and started threatening Jeff, saying he was going to kill the dog, break in the house, etc. He was beating on the door and everything. Jeff put the dog up so he wouldn’t hurt the man, but the man was furious and wouldn’t leave or let Jeff into the house. So Jeff called some men from the neighborhood. Of course when they got here the man was just as nice as could be, but still persisted in his accusations that Jeff had never paid him for the work he did helping to build our house. Meanwhile I had called our parents and pastor as well as some other missionaries in PNG, asking them to pray. One of those missionaries who knows this man actually called him as he was talking to Jeff and the other men and he immediately became all smiley, assuring the missionary that he hadn’t done anything and that he only had a little problem with Jeff. Jeff says that the other men cracked up when they heard him say that! (I’m glad they could see at least a little incongruity there!) Anyway, they all left but we really need you all to pray that this man will not come back or cause trouble otherwise, and that the Lord will give us wisdom as to what to do next. Pray also for our coworker’s safety-she lives alone close to this man, though thankfully right next door/ very close to our faithful church leader-but we have no way to let her know what’s going on because she doesn’t have cell signal and Jeff is afraid to leave me alone to make the 30-45 min. hike to go and tell her.

We are scheduled to leave Kiari the day after tomorrow, but need wisdom to know whether or not we should try to leave sooner, etc. And. please pray that we’ll somehow be able to calm down enough to eat our supper (it’s past 11 pm) and sleep tonight, trusting in the Lord to take care of us.