Just wanted to thank you all for your prayers and let you know that nothing more (bad) has happened last night or today. The people in our neighborhood are upset that it all happened and have been very supportive. One of the Christian families is sleeping in our cookhouse tonight, and two of Jeff’s buddies asked if they could patrol our fence.

Please pray that the Lord would control the rest of our time here. Right now (9:30 pm) Jeff is explaining what happened to our faithful church leader and another brother, just so a couple more of the believers are aware of the situation, and it sounds like they’re just about done. We are hoping for a good night’s sleep and plan to leave our house at 7 am to walk up to the airstrip to leave for our furlough. Weather (and all the other PNG variables!) permitting, the chopper is scheduled to arrive around 9 am. We have heard that this man plans to be at the airstrip. Last night he apologized before leaving; we are praying that he meant it and won’t cause any more trouble.

Thank you all again for your prayers. Special thanks to those who replied and were such an encouragement.

Elizabeth Owens