Safely in town

Thanks for your prayers for us today, and for those who emailed letting us know you are praying and encouraging us from God’s Word. We slept well last night (7 whole hours!), finished up last packing and cleaning at home, and made it safely up to the airstrip and to Goroka this morning.

The people from our neighborhood-mostly unsaved-were so sweet to us as we were leaving. Several went up to the airstrip to help carry things and see us off, and many others met us along the road. In contrast, we saw almost none of the believers (other than the 3 from Kensa) and they were all rather cold. We heard that the man who caused trouble the other night met the two men on the road whom Jeff had asked to come so he could tell them what was going on, and from what the faithful church leader told our coworker Karen this morning, his story was very different from Jeff’s. Unfortunately it appears people are believing him or at least can’t decide what to think. Just pray that the Lord would give them discernment so that they will believe the truth and see through the lies.

We’d appreciate your prayers also for our team leader, Randy Smith, and his family. They are finishing up their last few days of furlough and are scheduled to arrive in Goroka next Thursday (we have tickets to leave the next day). Pray also for our coworker Karen Hall as she holds down the fort in Kiari.

Thanks so much! It is an encouragement that so many are praying-that means that when the Lord answers there will be many to praise Him for what He does!

Elizabeth Owens