Please keep praying

Please do continue in prayer for the situation in Kiari. It obviously is very much on our minds today. We praise the Lord so much for His protection. I have thought often over the past few days of the verse that says something to the effect of “even the wrath of men will praise Him; the remainder of wrath He will restrain.” He allowed only what was in His perfect plan; only what would bring Him praise. And He will continue to allow only that! Please pray particularly for the believers in Kiari. They are being told a lot of lies. Some I think probably believe them; at least one (the faithful church leader) says he doesn’t know who to believe. We don’t blame him; this man had us deceived too for the longest time. Please join us in praying that the Lord will grant all of the believers a growing uneasiness with the lies going around and a clear discernment of the truth. I am also praying that He will mercifully grant the offender real torment of mind and body, leading to his repentance and experience of the Lord’s wonderful forgiveness (Ps. 32).

The Lord has used the whole thing to really challenge me personally. The Psalms in particular have been a huge encouragement and comfort, but also a challenge. Psalm 27 speaks of a faith in the Lord so deep that the believer does not even fear/his heart is not afraid/he is CONFIDENT even in very fearsome circumstances. I can’t say any of those things were true of me when that man was beating on our door and trying to break it down. I am thankful for the Lord lovingly using the situation to bring this to my attention and urge me to pray and work towards growth in trusting Him. I guess praying when you’re afraid is one of the faintest marks of faith; doing right even though you’re afraid (i.e., courage) is a stronger one. but not even being afraid??? I want to have such an unshakable faith in my God that I am not even afraid!

Looking forward with you to what our wise, loving, powerful God will do through this,

Elizabeth Owens