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Safe and sound in SC

14 March 2013

Sorry for the delay in letting you all know, but we arrived safely (and right on schedule) in SC yesterday morning. Jeff’s family met us at the airport, shared lunch and dinner with us, and took us to see the apartment that they, along with the folks from Harvest, our home church, had located and furnished for us. What a huge blessing! They also valiantly helped us meet our goal of staying up until bedtime, and we slept well until around 3:30 this morning. J (Getting up at 6 am here is exactly the time we would usually be headed for bed in PNG!) Today we have worked on getting some things in order, and Jeff’s mom took me to find some much-needed maternity clothes.

It is hard to believe we are here. We are looking forward to hopefully seeing many of you over the coming weeks and months. Thanks so much for your prayers, and for those who have replied with encouraging little notes!

Elizabeth Owens


En route to the US

11 March 2013

Dear praying friends,

Jeff and I are sitting in the Sydney airport, waiting for our flight to Honolulu which is scheduled to depart in about an hour and a half. We have a nice window seat where we can see the Sydney skyline and Jeff can watch the airplanes! Thanks for your prayers for us as we travel. Lord willing we will arrive in Charlotte on Tuesday morning.

We left PNG with heavy hearts, but as the coastline receded behind us and we headed out over the ocean towards Australia, my prayer was that the Lord will bring us back and grant us the privilege of seeing Him break through and be glorified in Kiari.

We enjoyed our weekend in Sydney. On Saturday friend took us on a ferry across the harbor, and we were able to see the opera house and royal botanical gardens. Then yesterday we went with her to a Sudanese service in the morning and her church’s evening service, and one of her pastors and his wife had us over for lunch and took us to a nearby park to see some kangaroos, wallabys, emus, and more gardens. It was a huge blessing to worship and fellowship with the believers here.

Thanks again for your prayers!

Elizabeth Owens