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Lydia Grace

15 May 2013

Jeff is writing this blog because Elizabeth is busy feeding our daughter, Lydia Grace Owens. Lydia was born yesterday at 5:47 pm so as I write this blog we have enjoyed her for a little over a day. She weighed 6 pounds 11oz and was 20 ½ inches long and seems to be adjusting well to this big new world. The Lord has been so good in giving safety during the delivery to both Elizabeth and Lydia. Both are doing well and are expecting to be released to go home tomorrow.

Act 16 talks about how God opened the heart of Lydia, in the town of Philippi, so that she heard Gods Word which the Apostle Paul was preaching. It is our prayer that the Lord will open our Lydias heart so she also will be opened to Gods Word and receive His grace in her life and exhibit a gracious spirit towards others.